Cocktail areaA spacious sober and modern area.

The so­ber, mo­dern re­cep­tion a­rea is spa­cious and can be con­fi­gu­red for all ty­pes of ca­te­ring. Whi­le ideal as a wel­co­ming area and for cof­fee breaks, it can also be trans­for­med into a cock­tail area for up to 250 people and into a lunch/dinner area ca­te­ring for up to 150 seat­ed guests.


Thanks to its un­usual lay­out and its sur­fa­ce area of 250m², it is also sui­ta­ble for hos­ting:

product demonstrations,
and other events.


Ad­join­ing the au­di­to­rium, the re­cep­tion area enab­les your guests to be as­sem­bled in a sin­gle space, af­for­ding you grea­ter con­trol over the man­ner in which your events un­fold.
With its air con­di­tio­ning and sound sys­tem, this area pro­vi­des an op­ti­mal com­fort le­vel con­sis­tent with an up-to-date bu­si­ness events fa­ci­li­ty.


Our re­cep­tion area is the ideal set­ting for your events ca­te­ring. Find out more about CATERING at our Con­fe­ren­ce Cen­tre.

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