Technical packages A turn-key technique to realize your projects.



Tech­ni­cal spe­cia­lists are on hand to pro­vi­de turn­key web­cast packs for si­mul­ta­neous broad­cast­ing or stream­ing. The Con­fe­ren­ce Cen­tre is e­quip­ped with fi­bre-­op­tic con­nec­tions and com­ple­te vi­deo­con­fe­ren­cing fa­ci­li­ties.

Speakers’ podium

Speakers’ podium.

The Au­di­to­rium has ma­de-­to-­mea­su­re spea­kers’ po­diums and lec­terns for Con­fe­ren­ce Cen­tre clients. Lec­terns ha­ve 2 goo­se­neck mi­cro­pho­nes and an in­te­gra­ted re­turn mo­ni­tor each. Spea­kers’ ta­bles ha­ve up to 3 pla­ces with goo­se­neck mi­cro­pho­nes and in­te­gra­ted re­turn mo­ni­tors. Cus­to­mer lo­go sti­ckers may be af­fi­xed to po­di­ums and lec­terns for ma­xi­mum im­pact on sta­ge.



The Con­fe­ren­ce Cen­tre can pro­vi­de all the tech­ni­cal e­quip­ment need­ed for si­mul­ta­neous trans­la­tion. Trans­la­tion booths, head­sets, staff and re­la­ted tech­ni­cal ser­vi­ces are in­clu­ded in this pack, which al­so in­clu­des se­tup and break­down.

Video recording

Video recording.

The vi­deo re­cor­ding pack con­tains a num­ber of tech­ni­cal ser­vi­ces to allow di­rect broad­cast­ing or film­ing. Va­rious op­tions are a­vail­able ac­cor­ding to cus­to­mer re­qui­re­ments. De-­rush­ing and edit­ing fa­ci­li­ties are al­so avail­able.

Lighting pack

Lighting pack.

A turn­key am­bient light­ing so­lu­tion for the Au­di­to­rium and/or the res­tau­rant area is avail­able with high- or low-­light­ing opt­ions for vi­deo re­cor­ding. Tailor-­made to­tems are avail­able to en­sure uni­for­mi­ty of vi­deo light­ing.