Food catering Different offers to meet all requests.

Meeting room lunch

The Conference Centre works with 4 re­fe­ren­ced ca­te­ring ser­vi­ces in or­der to meet all ty­pes of re­qui­re­ments. Ca­na­pés and cock­tails, clos­ing cock­tails, seat­ed buf­fets, din­ners, lun­ches: all for­mats are pos­si­ble and our ca­te­rers meet each re­quest in­di­vi­dual­ly. Se­ve­ral ran­ges are avail­able to meet all ty­pes of bud­get. Va­rious ty­pes of en­ter­tain­ment as well as ori­gi­nal for­mats can be ar­ran­ged to meet even the most a­ty­pi­cal re­qui­re­ments. The Con­fe­ren­ce Cen­tre team gua­ran­tees the qua­li­ty of the ca­te­ring ser­vi­ces and pro­vi­des all or part of the ser­ving staff and other per­son­nel in or­der to of­fer a glo­bal high-qua­li­ty pro­fes­sional ca­te­ring ser­vi­ce.